Tuesday, September 09, 2003
Going offline for a week

Most of my readers will have noticed that I haven't posted since the weekend, and that it's been awfully slow lately. I had hopes that things would turn around this week, that I would be able to answer the comments on my own blog, write some responses, maybe get up the next bit of Grandpa's memoirs... but instead, I need to do another revision of my grant application by the end of tomorrow, I have to spend a full day running around Brussels on Thursday, I have to pass a Dutch proficiency test next week, and a Chinese one right after that, plus a few other bits of non-blog writing that I have to do. On top of that, I have to do a glossary for a British windshield manufacturer by early next week and I have some dinner guests coming over on the weekend. I've written a piece of code that does a good job of building glossaries automatically, so at least that isn't too much work. Oh yeah, and on top of that, season seven of Buffy has finally started on Kanaal Twee.

Besides, as much as I hate to say this, I've been suffering from the most incredible writer's block lately. I started this blog so that I would at least be writing something, and now - very suddenly - I have writing work coming out of my ears. So, I'm taking a week off this blog. I'm going to keep up a little posting on A Fistful of Euros, but Pedantry will be closed until Tuesday next.

Until then, Seth Edenbaum has put up a few points about my language rights postings that are well worth reading. According to the Daily Trudge, one of my past posts about evolutionary psychology has made an EP mailing list. (I was a bit harsh on EP, but you see, I think it's bollocks.) Jonathan over at the Final Analysis thinks lexicography is cool. It's good to know that I'm not the only nut out there. :^) Lastly, I should note that I have been blogged in Welsh.

I appreciate the responses I've gotten, here in the comments and on other blogs, and I do intend to explore this a bit further - just not this week. As one of this blog's commenters told me in the comments to an early post here: you can't have a dialectic if the other side won't keep up their end.

Anyway - think of this as my summer vacation, except I'm not going on vacation.