January 4, 2005

"Hacking the Gibson"

Today is the first time I've ever come across the phrase "hacking the Gibson" in the general meaning of to perform a feat involving intelligence and technical knowledge, but which is likely to get the crap beaten out of you. I saw it on Wikipedia.

As I suspected, it is from the movie Hackers. Now a decade old, the script kiddies probably don't realise how very hated it was among the true l33t when it came out. Only 2600's irreplaceable Emmanuel Goldstein - who was a consultant on the film - didn't totally hate it. The film website was even hacked - the source of the above image - although there was a persistent rumour that MGM/UA hacked its own website for publicity.

It's a bit of a surprise, remembering how it was received back in the day, to see it becoming enough of a cult classic to actually affect vocabulary.


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