May 17, 2004


When I talk about SF being about the possibility of a different world, this is the kind of thing I mean. John Brunner could be horrifyingly depressing. Consider, for example, The Sheep Look Up - the prototype of the environmental catastrophy novel. But, this was the same man who wrote Stand on Zanzibar a novel which one reviewer (Thomas Disch I think) said described an absolutely horrible world which is nonetheless better in almost every respect than the one we have.

What I most prize in an SF story is to find a world which I couldn't imagine wanting to live in, but which is still credibly better than this one. The only thing still better is a world which seems to fit my intentions and sucks even worse than this world. The first makes me dream, the second makes me think.

There will be no SF in my life for a little while. My Russian exam starts at 6pm tonight. Then, it's Chinese tomorrow night, and my Russian oral on Wednesday. I've decided to register for the one month intensive Dutch if, as advertised, they really will be doing level 3 Dutch. Thursday is the beginning of a four-day weekend. I'll need it. My new Dutch class will be starting Tuesday and my Chinese oral is Wednesday next week. Then, it's back to work in a big way. Big project, gotta be done by October.


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