March 27, 2003

Blame Canada

Americans are often inclined to describe the relationship of their country with Canada as "close friendship." The blunt, horrifying and awful truth - well known to basically everyone in Canada - is almost diametrically the opposite. No, Canadians are not likely to start sending suicide bombers into American buildings, but the relationship could be far more accurately described as intermittently acrimonious, like two neighbours who don't really see eye-to-eye very often, but have to live next to each other and usually try to remain civil about it.


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June 1, 2004

Proud to be a Canadian

My family's traditional party, the New Democratic Party, is running a hijab-wearing woman in the upcoming Federal election. She is young - younger than me - and working on a Master's in Women's Studies at UBC. Alas, she is running in Delta-Richmond East, a resolutely Tory riding, which means she is a sacrificial candidate.

Update: From the comments I learn that Monia Mazigh, Maher Arar's wife, is running in Ottawa South. For those of you who've forgotten, Maher Arar is the Syrian-born Canadian that the US deported to Syria while he was transitting the US on his way home from a trip to see his family in Tunisia, even though he had not broken any laws in the US or elsewhere. In short, this is probably the most anti-Bush candidate in Canada.

I like the thought that a vote for the NDP is a vote against Bush. It lets us Canadians participate in our own small way in the coming American elections.

Ottawa South is John Manley's district, but he's retiring. The district looks pretty Liberal. But, it seems the district is a lot more Middle Eastern than it was at the last election, and people are pretty pissed at the Liberals. It's just at the outer limit of possible that she could win although I'd say the odds are against it.

Man, I wish I got CBC. I am so out of touch with Canada.


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