May 31, 2005

...and then, much worse...

There's an added complication. Now, my wife's blood test shows an inflammation. If it has passed to the baby, then the pregnancy has to be terminated. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure is to do another amniocentesis, but the fluid around the baby is still too low to do one.

One of the questions I thought I had an answer to has a different answer than the one I thought: It takes a week or more for anmiotic fluid levels to return to normal. Now we have to wait and wait before we know if we can continue with the pregnancy... and the doctors are saying it's maybe a 50-50 chance...

Oh Lord, this is hard. I don't know how I'm going to take a week of this. Yesterday, things were looking so good, now... all I know is that my baby is alive, his or her heart is beating at a normal rate. The amniotic fluid levels were much lower on Friday than I thought... Kiera stopped leaking because there was no longer any fluid to leak. Now, they've begun to come back up. Maybe the hole sealed, maybe it sealed before the infection. Maybe the amniotic membrane was intact enough to protect the baby. Maybe the inflammation they found in her blood was just a by-product of the trouble they've been having giving her an I.V. Maybe it will all be okay... and maybe not.

A life lesson for everyone: Worrying about things that haven't happened doesn't stop them from happening. If pre-emptive fear could immunise you from bad things happening, I would have no problems in life whatsoever. I've been so scared for so long... After all the trouble we had just conceiving, I was so terrified this pregnancy wouldn't last... and now that there's really something to be scared about, I haven't been spared an iota of that fear.

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Scott my prayers are with you.

Posted by: Mathias Bolton at June 1, 2005 0:14

Dear Scott,
I am so sorry about this. Nothing I can do, but I really am hoping with all my heart things work out.

Posted by: James R MacLean at June 1, 2005 0:32

I'm thinking of you. Let's hope for the best.

Posted by: John Emerson at June 1, 2005 21:24

Hi Scott,

This must be tough for you. I really hope all will work out well in the end. Take care and greetings to Kiera.

Posted by: Bart at June 2, 2005 16:47
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