May 30, 2005

It looks like it may be okay

Kiera had another ultrasound today, and things are looking pretty good. Fluid looks a little low, but it may simly be normal for Kiera. It seems that it's not dangerously low. I cannot tell you what a relief this is. The chromosome test came in today too - my baby doesn't have trisomy 21 - a.k.a. Down's syndrome. Making sure of that was the whole reason we did an amnio. One more thing to be terrified of that I don't have to be terrified of. The rest of the chromosome test won't come in for a couple of weeks, but we're not at an elevated risk for anything else they can test that way. I still don't know the gender - they'll tell us when they've done the full work-up - but there's no important choices resting on that.

They only do an amnio when you say that you intend to take action based on the results. But if they do it, they do the full work-up. Abortion is not fully free in Belgium. The law does not recognise the notion of a "woman's right to choose" the way it does in the States. However, in practice there are few restrictions, and even when there are, the Netherlands isn't far away. But this is one of those categories that the law fully recognises in Belgium.

There were some tense moments though. They brought in an old analog baby heart monitor, and it took a while - I think about ten minutes, but it seemed like hours - to find the baby's heartbeat. Hearing it, getting that kind of reassurance... I can't tell you how that felt.

She's still in the hospital, and I'm not even going to consider going anywhere until she can go back to work. But, it's definitely looking up. Thank you everyone for your support.

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Oh, thank god.

Posted by: David Weman at May 30, 2005 21:23

My very best wishes.

Posted by: Chris Brooke at May 30, 2005 21:27
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