May 18, 2005

Bookbuying when you're not the ordinary reader

John Emerson over at Idiocentrism has a piece up on finding those hard to get volumes. I can relate - I'm trying to get a Latin edition of Busbecq's Turkish Letters. If Niblett's going to have to learn Latin in the Belgian school system, I figure I ought to brush mine up. :^)

As for his specific questions, I have no answers. For Chinese books, I use a local shop specialised in Chinese, although I came across an excellent Chinese section at a small bookstore in Geneva a while back, but I've forgotten the name of the store. I had the same experience with ordering European books to come to an American address, but now that I live in Europe, I use the wife's APO box to order stuff from Amazon, and FNAC for most other stuff.

My Dutch exam is tomorrow, and the paperwork came through from Russia. So in the morning I'm off to the Russian consulate - which has no known open hours - and in the evening, the written exam in Dutch. Then, hopefully, I'll be posting.

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Sooooo - how did it go??? You should not leave your faithful readers (or your wife) hanging like this! ;-)

Posted by: Kiera Martens at May 20, 2005 8:47

Oh alright... I think it went fine. It wasn't that hard. Now the Russian embassy - that was hard. Check your e-mail. I swear the Gods must not want me at your appointment.

Posted by: Scott Martens at May 20, 2005 19:01

Neat. Are you going to Petrozavodsk after all?

Posted by: vaara at May 21, 2005 17:54

Actually, Saint-Petersburg. Starting on May 31st.

Posted by: Scott Martens at May 22, 2005 12:10

I did the summer-school thing in Piter Leningrad sixteen years ago. It was at the Институт русского языка имени Герцена, right next to the Казанский собор, which at the time still functioned as a Museum of Atheism.

It was a fantastic time. There are few better places to summer than SPB.

Posted by: vaara at May 22, 2005 16:18
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