March 1, 2005

Working for the Dark Side

I'm working most of the week on a consulting gig for the Dark Side of the Force. (Full disclosure: I am married to an employee of the Imperial Forces, which means that the Empire will soon be the sole source of household revenue for us. So, I'm already pretty thoroughly corrupted.)

At any rate, this means I have been less quick in responding to e-mail and comments. Sorry about that. I'm hoping to get to the backlog this evening, and maybe even get a post up somewhere. I'm thinking about a post on the Dark Side's catering services for AFOE, since I've recently become familiar with them.

Speaking of working for the Dark Side, I just saw the last Angel on DVD. Kanaal Twee is still running season 5, but we got ahead by ordering the DVD. It merits a post too, especially since the end is... not the happy ending the show's premise would have led one to expect. I've been contempating whether or not to see a lesson for Iraq in it, following in Abu Aardvark's footsteps.

Also, I'd be grateful for any ideas on how to write a computer science and math PhD proposal in such a way that a linguistics department will buy into it. I'm having some difficulties on that front. Also, advice on the part-time English teacher's market in Belgium would be welcome, since I'm thinking more and more that a PhD with an independent income has to beat one without. And, anyone with an opinion about Russian immersion schools could give me ahnd by speaking up. I'm thinking of doing a short stint in Petrozavodsk over the summer. In most ways, I'd rather study Chinese. But, needs must as the devil drives.

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Hi Scott,

I can imagine it's hard to make linguists buy maths and CS, especially in Belgium. I guess Frank Van Eynde (Leuven) and Walter Daelemans (Antwerp) are the most open to it, but they both have a pure linguistics background. I think you would have more chance in the Netherlands with a thing like that (Tilburg, Amsterdam, Groningen).

Concerning the part-time English teaching job, just send your cv to a lot of CVOs (Centres for Adult Education), or put an ad in an expat magazine...

Posted by: Peter Dirix at March 1, 2005 16:21


If you want to teach English, there are often notes at "Alma" or at the notice boards of the Arts faculty, of parents looking for someone to tutor their child in English or other languages. Sometimes these are high school kids. Could be worth checking out. Other than that, I'd do as Peter suggested.


Posted by: Vincent at March 1, 2005 19:11

Thanks. I figured I would probably do something like that - it was the way I worked in Montreal years and years ago.

Posted by: Scott Martens at March 2, 2005 18:48
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