February 18, 2005

Wrote a first draft of my CV

One more thing that needs to be done for the doctorate.

Man, it's depressing to see your life boiled down to a few pages. The current version is five pages long, but I'm going to reorganise it down to two. It lists every school I've attended since I was 13 - eleven schools in total - and every job I've held for more than a month since I stopped delivering newspapers - eight jobs total. And for all that, I have just two completed degrees - one useless and one with honours - and a disturbingly short list of real professional accomplishments. I came up with four of those, but one of them is "keeping my mental health despite considerable adversity" - that will probably not be on the final version.

I look like a total dilettante, which isn't totally false, but my record is mostly the product of wanting to go to school to do exactly what I'm trying to do now and having to choose between it and paying my rent.

Most of it could just be cut, like my work as a cowboy boot salesman and my pizza dispatcher job. I'm debating whether or not to post it. Probably not.

Of the profs I've sent requests for letters of recommendation to, I've had exactly one response. It was from the prof least likely to give me one and it was a flat "no". Fair enough, I was one student in an enormous cattle class five years ago. It's not reasonable to expect the guy to even remember me.

But I haven't heard back from my profs in Belgium either, and that's beginning to give me the nerves.

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Scott, Didnt you deliver either the Shopper or Record?
And whatever happened to your buddy Spectre? I recall meeting him at your place over a game of Top Secret (the role playing game).

Posted by: Matt Bolton at February 19, 2005 0:27

I delivered the Shopper. As for Spectre, I have no idea. When I left Jersey, I kinda cut all my ties.

Posted by: Scott Martens at February 19, 2005 9:13
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