June 18, 2004

Out to Lunch

I hate to have to step out while there's so much to blog. The Pentagon admitting that Donald Rumsfeld is a war criminal and the effect this is having on US opposition to the ICC; the death of Reagan, who really deserves to be remembered for making such a mess of things; the European elections, which bode ill both for the European project and its discontents; the up-and-coming American election, which is shaping up to be a stellar example of the failure of electoral politics.

But, we're reaching the tense part of IVF here at the Rancho Martens, and I have a research project deadline coming up. As little as this looks like anything, it is proof that I am getting somewhere with the project:

Anyway, this all means thin blogging in the summer, after thin blogging in the spring. I'm going to try to get more up at AFOE, especially a piece on the linguistic politics of air traffic control. After this project, I want to also get up a piece on how Ludwig von Mises was the first postmodernist. That should piss off all the right people. And, Grandpa needs to get to Africa soon, via Kansas and New York in the Jazz age.

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I look forward to reading about von Mises as a postmodernist.

Posted by: dj at June 22, 2004 9:38
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