June 8, 2004

Traitors in Academia

Since I see that accusations of betrayal and treasonous disloyalty are back in fashion, I thought I ought to point to the latest on Abu Aardvark:

In my previous post, I attacked Daniel Pipes a bit, and suggested that his article being published in the Middle East Quarterly did not augur well for the future reputation of that journal. But then this bit of deliciousness dropped into my lap. Martin Kramer tells us that his replacement as the editor of the Middle East Quarterly has been named. And it is none other than Michael Rubin. Yes, that Michael Rubin - the person most frequently cited as most likely to be the guy who leaked classified information to Ahmed Chalabi, and hence to the Iranians.

I am shocked - shocked! - to find that Middle Eastern studies in America has been so inflitrated by probable traitors and enemy spies. Why should our hard earned tax dollars support this sort of filth? I propose that government monitor federally supported area studies programmes and withdraw funding for those hiring neoconservatives. Why, I think I'll write my Congressman!

Oh yeah, I don't pay American taxes and can't vote in American elections. Oh well.

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