May 28, 2004

The Day After Tomorrow: An Anti-Review

Roland Emmerich is the Anti-Tarantino. There is in this notion a Master's thesis in film theory for somebody, I'm sure of it. But it isn't going to be me, so I open it up to anyone who want to take the job on. These two men belong to the same generation, and both could be avatars of postmodern film-making. Having grown up on the genre films of the 70s, they are both in the business of making films which are only comprehensible to audiences who share those same cultural signifiers. Just as Tarantino's Kill Bill can only be understood and enjoyed in the light of a whole generation of martial arts movies and westerns, Roland Emmerich's latest work - The Day After Tomorrow - is indigestible without the Pepto-Bismal of a lifetime of disaster science fiction.

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