May 14, 2004

Aced the Russian luistervaardigheidsexam

The prof told us the answers afterwards. Unless I made a mistake filling the test out, I got all of the questions right. Of course, it was multiple choice and only comes to 5% of the final grade. The real test is Monday and Wednesday - the written and the oral.

In the mean time, my life consists of Chinese interleaved with Russian.

Since I've already pronounced my efforts to study two of the three hardest languages offered at Leuven at the same time, while holding a full time job, to be completely nuts, I find myself somewhat surprised to be considering taking an intensive, five week Dutch course in lieu of a third year of weekly classes. Three nights a week, four hours a night.

Upside: If I did it, I could take fourth year Dutch next year or try to do both Russian and Chinese again, and since I feel guilty - vestiges of bad immigrant guilt - for not studying Dutch this last year, I could end up as far along as if I had studied it all year.

Downside: If I did it, I could take fourth year Dutch next year or try to do both Russian and Chinese again, and my wife will kill me.

Classes would start the day before my last exam and run til the end of June. Should I do it? Duch is easy enough, I just hesitate to give another language three nights a week. On the other hand, it's only a month and only one more night than I've been doing for the last year.

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And what's with the "bad immigrant guilt"? It's not like you live in Vlaanderen anymore. Well, you do, sort of... but still, if naturalization is your goal, then you only need to know one of the two official languages. (I think.)

Posted by: vaara at May 15, 2004 16:46

Thanks. As for "immigrant guilt" - I spend more of my waking hours in Flanders than in Brussels, and work for a firm where only me, the boss and one contractor can't speak Dutch fluently, while studying at a Dutch language university, I interact with more Dutch-speakers than French-speakers.

Posted by: Scott Martens at May 15, 2004 19:11

Ironic misspelling: "Duch is easy enough"

Good luck anyway, though.

Posted by: Maus at May 26, 2004 16:52

Yes, your wife *WILL DEFINITELY SHOOT YOU* if you try to take two or three languages at once again this fall. In fact, I am half tempted to ban you from taking ANY classes at all - or making you sign up for an evening class WITH ME in oil painting or something else NON-LANGUAGE RELATED! Kiera

Posted by: The Little Mrs. at May 27, 2004 20:24
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