April 29, 2004

Bad week for blogging

I've been up to my nads in ginormous hash tables and functions that won't %#!&ing run fast enough. And Allegro LISP... how in smeg do you get Allegro LISP to return memory to the operating system?

The one fast UNIX I have access to is being monopolised by other, more immediately revenue producing functions, so everything takes five times as long. Therefore, there hasn't been much responding to comments, or posting or even reading blogs.

On top of that, the wife is off to San Diego for a month tomorrow morning, so things have been a mite hectic at home. She's been trying to get my dot-debts refinanced at a non-usurous interest rate, so we can pay off my American banks before Greenspan raises interest rates and the dollar shoots up. It's a little weird to have my personal life actualy depend in such a direct way on the business news. Weird, and a little disturbing. I don't exactly appreciate the power Alan Greenspan has over my life, especially since not only did I not vote for him, no one voted for him.

Also, we bought a new - and desperately needed - car this week: a Citroën G3, a car with a sort of resemblance to the famous "Deux Chevaux" in the same way that the new VW Beetle resembles the classic Bug. If you happen to know something bad about the G3, please, for the love of God, don't tell me. The papers have been signed and if we've made a horrible mistake I just don't want to know.

At least this week I feel that I've made some real progress. My code runs - slowly - and actually does the things that it is supposed to.

I have discovered something new this week that I cannot find documented anywhere in the information retrieval or corpus linguistics literature, something so obvious and so easy to implement that I don't think I can possibly be the only person to think of it. It works. So far, it works brilliantly and really, really fast. It's just possible that I'm the first person ever to face this problem directly - having a monolingual term discovery algorithm that works well enough to use for bilingual term translation discovery - but I doubt it.

And, to top it all off, I have exams next month. The luisterexam in Chinese was yesterday, the Russian one was last week. The rest starts in three weeks: Russian, Monday the 17th; Chinese, Tuesday the 18th; Russian oral, Wednesday the 19th; Chinese oral, Tuesday the 25th.

If that seems masochistic to you, imagine how it seems to me. Why do I do this to myself?

Sorry to rant. Just... it's been a long week.

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I think you mean C3. The G3 is a Macintosh. :)

Posted by: David at May 4, 2004 17:37

David - you would be right. The wife recently acquired a G3 as well. This your brain. This is your brain while stdying for exams. I'll be functional again by June.

Posted by: Scott Martens at May 4, 2004 17:41

Protestant ethic? Residual Mennonitism? It's better than taking in the hay using only hand tools, at least.

Posted by: Zizka at May 4, 2004 22:47
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