April 22, 2004

But I haven't used "von" in my name in years!

Des is making fun of something. I'm not sure what it is, but I have the suspicion it might be me. :^)

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Not at all, I'm quite serious and you're not the a target. My point is that

(a) people care about how language is used,
(b) this should not be ignored in an account of language.

This is quite different from, say, evolution where the vigorous but idiotic debates about creationism are not part of the subject proper.

And a person X with blog Y is referred to as "X von Y", which preserves informality (ironically) while addressing the name-space pollution problem, but I could offer you a "van der" if you've gone native there in Belgiumland...

Posted by: des at April 22, 2004 17:05

Thanks - I wasn't quite sure where you were going. You seemed to be on my side, but you did such a good job of being confusing I couldn't be sure.

Actually, I'm not a von Martens however, I have a famous Russo-German-Estonian namesake who was. I used to use Pjotr von Martens as a nom de 'Net many years ago to get girls. So, I'm more of a "von" than a "van der".

Posted by: Scott Martens at April 22, 2004 19:35

I think the master of a weblog should be "von und zu." Contributors should be "vons." Properly feudal nomenclature will help readers to know their places...

Posted by: JackM at April 26, 2004 17:08
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