April 18, 2004

Le désordre, c'est l'ordre moins le pouvoir

From here.

The whole thing makes me intensely homesick. On the other hand, I share the ambiguity the photographer behind this is expressing. Winnipeg is an underestimated city. There is more there than meets the eye. I know virtually every spot he's photographed, and each has a hidden history that is sometimes only hinted at, like the old ads you can still see on the sides of buildings in the Exchange district. Yet, it does not give me the pangs that Montréal's more lived-in quarters can evoke.

Still, for those of you reading Grandpa's autobiography, but have never seen WInnipeg, this photo essay may help illuminate the place Grandpa lived. I'm working on the next chapter today.

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To the Chinese philosopher Mo Tzu, disorder is the contention of multiple orders, whereas order is a single shared order. What we call the "state of nature" is one-man-one-order, with each man a law for himself. (And woman too, I suppose, though the state of nature is probably pretty sexist).

My high school band marched in the Governor's Day parade in around 1960, and I think I remember the University of Winnipeg, which I then thought was the provincial capital.

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Mo Tzu's distinction actually sounds like some vestige of lattice theory left in my brain, something about the difference between multiple partial orders on a lattice and a full order, and there being no order if every partial order only orders a single element or the null set.

The legislature has a statue called the "Golden Boy", so called because it's of a boy and it's painted gold. It was recently renovated. The main UofW building looked a bit run down the last time I saw it, but that was a long time ago.

Posted by: Scott Martens at April 20, 2004 17:14
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