April 16, 2004

Maybe I should write that post about air traffic control sooner rather than later

This just came over the wires:

Airliner Has Near Miss Over Brussels

BASEL, Switzerland - The Swiss national airline said Friday that one of its aircraft came within 65 feet of a small plane during its approach to Brussels airport.

The smaller plane crossed in front of the Jumbolino, a four-engine commuter jet, 6,000 feet above the Belgian capital city on Monday, said Dominik Werner, a spokesman for Swiss International Air Lines.

The Swiss plane, which was en route from Zurich with 38 passengers and five crew on board, landed normally after the incident.

The pilot, who gave the estimate of how close the planes were, informed civil aviation authorities in Belgium and Switzerland, Werner said.

Swiss newspapers reported that the pilot of the ultralight had illegally entered Brussels airport airspace and that an investigation was under way.

I live underneath the main daytime approach to Zaventem airport. The wife and I are at work, but I still would not have appreciated coming home to find a Swissair flight in my kitchen.

Update: Jeez, how lysdexic can I get? This all happened Monday, which makes it worse. Monday was a holiday. I was at home.

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... but I still would not have appreciated coming home to find a Swissair flight in my kitchen.

Unless, presumably, the fifty-odd people on board were exceptionally good cooks, and had chosen to visit after landing safe and sound.

Posted by: Aidan Kehoe at April 16, 2004 14:54

Eek! And since the Swiss flight was coming from the southwest, it might very well have been right over your head when it had the near-miss.

Posted by: vaara at April 18, 2004 17:15

erm... make that "southeast."

Talk about being "lysdexic"!

Posted by: vaara at April 19, 2004 14:16

At least the pilot knew which way he was flying.

Posted by: Scott Martens at April 19, 2004 20:41
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