April 15, 2004

I know that feeling

Billmon is where I was on 9/11, except I had to go to my orthodontist that morning. I'd have rather been off fishing too.

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Could you please pull your comment from Crooked Timber (I think it was) re: how Gaza is likely to end up under effective military suzerainty of the Israeli government after the "pull-out" & post it here? I'd rather not have to wade through the bucket o' talking points to get there if I want to contemplate it again, and it's a point that I haven't seen raised elsewhere.

Posted by: Tom Scudder at April 16, 2004 14:25

Sure, Tom. For those who want to se the whole context, it's about halfway down over here. Here it is:

I?m not so optimistic. I suspect that when Sharon says ?withdrawl from most of Gaza? what he means is converting it into the world?s largest open-air prison. I doubt that this is in any sense a step towards soveregnty or towards new negociations or that Israel will feel the need to refrain from blowing things up in Gaza. I suspect in six months we will find Likud blaming the Palestinians for undermining the peace plan, while Israel will have simply relieved itself of any responsibility for feeding or maintaining Gaza without having abandoned effective suzeranity over it. And anyone on the West Bank Sharon dislikes enough to get rid of, but not enough to take the flack for killing outright, can just be deported to Gaza without additional political problems.

Sharon is trying to keep Hebron, a settlement that the government never approved of in the first place and that sits in the area Israel can least justify annexing. I?ve seen no mention of water and subsurface rights in the territories they?re withdrawing from, nor anything about turning roads over to the Palestinians. Israeli infrastructure isn?t moving, and I doubt the forces that protect the infrastructre are going to move either. This stinks to me.

I could be wrong. I?d certainly like to be. But Sharon is someone where when he says something that sounds good, you should always check for your wallet.

Posted by: Scott Martens at April 16, 2004 14:32
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