March 11, 2004

A day of waiting

Despite a desire to strike while the iron is hot, today's events in Spain have taken away my taste for pith. So, Huntington gets a day's reprieve.

I know that everyone in Spain is reporting that this must have been ETA, but this just makes more sense to me as Osama Bin Laden's contribution to the Committee to Relect the President. Terrorism is, above all else, a media strategy. I can see how 9/11 profits Al Qaeda as a media strategy and I can see how this would. I can't see how this profits a local nationalist movement like ETA.

I'm not saying this out of any sympathy for ETA - I'm vehemently against nationalism, but I'm very much pro-minority rights, so I have no ideological axe to grind either way and I don't know enough about Spain to have an informed opinion. It just makes less sense for an organisation in their position.

But that's all pure speculation. There's nothing to do but to wait to see what comes of it. Anyway, I imagine tomorrow I'll be back up to hacking pieces out of Huntington's metaphorical hide.

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"I can see how this would. I can't see how this profits a local nationalist movement like ETA."

Maybe this is not business, purely personal. What if Eta supplied the explosives and someone else the operatives. Just a thought. To get at Aznar.

He did, after all, insist on putting them on a list together.

I'm afraid we shouldn't exclude any hypothesis here.

Posted by: Edward Hugh at March 11, 2004 23:35


I don't want to exclude any possibilities, but I am inclined to think that this is not the doing of ETA. It doesn't fit the profile of the typical ETA bombings, which are surgical by comparison to what happened. If it is ETA, it is likely they would have already claimed the attack, or that they would do it within a couple of days. But it seems very unlikely that ETA is behind this.


Posted by: Pedro Poitevin at March 12, 2004 5:53

Quite a lot of opinion seems to be swinging round to "two unpleasant tastes that taste utterly wretched together."

If ETA has discovered it has not the slightest possibility of acquiring political traction, which seems to be true, then Al Qaeda would be natural soul-mates, for sure.

Posted by: des at March 12, 2004 12:23

Omagh didn't make a lot of sense for the republican schismatics. Claudy and Warrington and Frizzell's fish-shop and Canary Wharf (etc. etc. etc.) didn't make a lot of sense for the orthodox republicans. And yet they happened.

The pais vasco is awash in minority rights. I imagine this must make ETA spit tacks.

Posted by: Mrs Tilton at March 12, 2004 22:03
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