February 13, 2004

Little stuff

Having stirred up some fuss - in English! - over the French headscarf law, on AFOE I've been a bit too overworked and underslept this week to stay and fight. Looks like plenty of other folks have taken up the slack though.

I just don't understand how people who feel this law is justified because girls are being forced to wear headscarves can think that the solution is to force them to take it back off. If I hold a gun to your head and make you do something you don't want to, is the correct police response to hold another gun to your head and tell you not to? What makes otherwise rational people think that the solution lies in that direction?

The other thing I've seen on the web today is this post, particularly the debate over what constitutes a good enough lasagna to "deserve to marry a hot, sexy career woman."

I'm not an afficionado of Italian food and prepare very little lasagna. When I do, it's very much "Soprano family cooking" - Ricotta, spinach, lots of meat. "Hot, sexy career women" often worry about what it will do to their weight, and south Italian food like lasagna is just about the worst.

My alternative: Mix equal parts German beer mustard with quince jelly and a little bit of cider or white wine vinager. Stir thoroughly. Use like a barbecue sauce on pork or lamb, especially fresh lamb. If you use it in the fry pan, keep the temperature fairly low so that the sugar in the jelly doesn't carmelise. Serve with a nice mediterranean vegetable melange (broccoli, artichoke hearts, multi-coloured peppers, courgettes or summer squash, some sliced mushrooms) and homemade oven fries (cut potatoes into wedges, sprinkle with tarragon and olive oil, bake at 175C til done). Low fat, low sugar content, simple tastes, fresh ingredients, simple cooking methods - that is what will score the slacker man the hot career babe of his dreams.

Once upon a time, I contemplated writing a cookbook for young men called Recipes that get you laid. I still think it might sell.

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Your cookbook might very well have a future... just be sure to there's no money-back guaranteee. We slackers of the world defy expectations everyday without even trying.

Posted by: Brad at February 14, 2004 15:38

So that's what got you your wife? I read your note on the other site and wonder... Was it so great a score?

Posted by: Scott's Mom at February 14, 2004 18:52

Yes it was, Mom. Although it's not without its frustrations. But you know very well that relationships are rarely without their frustrations.

Posted by: Scott Martens at February 14, 2004 21:41

Well, there's already "How to Satisfy Your Woman Every Time: The Straight Guy's Guide to Housework and Good Grooming" by Jane Moseley; and "How to Satisfy Your Woman in the Kitchen Every Time" by D. L. Wilson, although that seems to be out of print, so now's your chance.

Posted by: clew at February 17, 2004 2:26
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