January 30, 2004

Learning from Dan Quayle

Ampersand has a post up drawing attention to this unintentionally funny little piece of reactionary fluff over at The Claremont Institute Review of Books. The essay is by one Terrence O. Moore, formerly of the US Marines and now a school principal.

Having not only grown up with a working father at home but also having had several ex-service men, including a Marine officer, among my teachers, I suspect Mr Moore would find me quite disappointing. However, if I were to take him on point by point, I would just be repeating the excellent work being done over at Alas, a Blog.

Ampersand comments: "But Principal Moore doesn't address this history - in fact, there's no reason to think he's aware of the history of his views." The failure to learn from history is something of a cliché, but we need not go back to the Gilded Age or the Roaring 20's - as Ampersand has - to find that Mr Moore isn't much for historical analysis. He builds the essay from a castigation of the fictional sit-com character Murphy Brown for having a child out of wedlock, and ends with a description of the non-existent child now. Apparently, Moore is aware that this same line of criticism helped make Dan Quayle look like an idiot, but doesn't seem to realise that it is having the same effect on him.

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