January 18, 2004


Some pissant script kiddie hacked my workstation at home today. I don't know how the little fucker got through the firewall - I assume it has a bug that I don't know about since it isn't supposed to let folks walk through it. Anyway, the asshole ran the SunOS rootkit, but fortunately wasn't competent enough to recognise that he was running one designed for a different version of Solaris. So he screwed up. If he had had the brains of a gnat, I would never have even known he was there.

However, since login and xlogin aren't working right anymore, I have to reinstall the OS in order to use the machine outside of single-user mode, and my install disks are still packed up from the move. Since I still haven't got furniture to unpack it all to, I haven't been able to find the disks. I can probably borrow a disk at work, if not I'll find it later at home.

But for the moment, that means I'm stuck - again!!! - without my own computer at home. Between spammers attacking blogs and making my e-mail useless, and now this little shit running his rootkit, I'm beginning to wonder how much future this Internet thing really has.

Update: I found how the little fucker got in. I had left a port open from back when I still lived in California. Some little dick scanned an entire block of numbers for a login propmpt and found me. Great - I did leave the door open. I still want the little shit to die.

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