January 13, 2004

What I love about Ken MacLeod's blog

Go take a look at this post. First, I read this guy in part to connect to some grand radical leftist tradition which, if I am to be fully honest about it, I have only a very fleeting connection to. The closest I ever came to participating in an organised political movement was arguing for - not joining - the Canadian NDP when I lived in Montreal. The NDP has never been further to the left than Labour was in the 70's, and in Montreal stood less chance of winning than Pat Buchanan had of taking San Francisco, so there wasn't much of a local party for me to join.

I did know about the SPGB, but free-thinking Stalinists are a new one on me. I'm not sure I regret living in a time and place without much in the way of radical grouplets, but it does sometimes sound like it was a lot of fun.

But, the real gem here is the quote at the beginning:

'I vote Labour, always with the same deep misgivings. My life has been entirely lacking in excitement or incident apart from the time I attached a PAVEMENTS ARE FOR PEDESTRIANS sticker to the windscreen of a scarlet Ford Sierra illegally parked on the footway of Walker's Way, Penge, and my seven years as a Maoist guerilla in Peru.'

- Ellis Sharp, The Aleppo Button

How do you top that?

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I'm sure the SA was a blast too.


Posted by: David Weman at January 18, 2004 23:31

Hmm, that came out terribly hostile. But your post came out sounding terribly offensive.

Posted by: David Weman at January 23, 2004 10:25

Predictably, I really liked this part of McKleod's post: "Having said that, I should explain, if it isn't obvious already, that my own position is far from Marxism, much as I think there is to learn from Marx and other Marxists, and oft though I've defended them from the endlessly-recycled slanders of the right and distortions of the left. Bakunin, Mill and Spencer (among others) saw Stalin coming, and they read him between the lines of Marx, or of the Marxists; and Mises saw him, and Gorbachev and Yeltsin too, latent in the legislation of Lenin; and I wish I could say they were wrong."

Note taht I liked the first part of the quote too.

Posted by: David Weman at January 23, 2004 10:27

David, I'm not quite sure where you're going with this. My attitude towards Marx isn't really different from the first part of the MacLeod quote, and not terribly far from the second. My only real difference is that I don't think there really exists any kind of consistent Marxism for me to be far from.

Nor am I sure what I've said that came out as offensive. The quote is funny. It simply is.

Posted by: Scott Martens at January 23, 2004 11:20

My, is this embarassing. I've reread the posts, and it seems I misinterpreted you. I'm sorry.

Posted by: David Weman at January 24, 2004 18:19
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