Yanukovych appeal fails

Ukraine’s Central Election Commission has rejected Viktor Yanukovych’s appeal against the result of the re-vote in its entirety, reports AP. Yanukovych is now expected to appeal to the Supreme Court.

His campaign manager stated: “We … call on our supporters, which are 15 million, not to split the state, to observe the law and not to recognize Yushchenko as a legitimate president.” He’s right on the first two points.

3 thoughts on “Yanukovych appeal fails

  1. I think you may be a little behind with the news

    Could well be, but then the link you sent me to is in Russian; the site’s English front page doesn’t have anything more recent than the story I linked to above.

    My Russian is sadly rusty, but here’s how your linked article starts off:

    Верховный суд отклонил последнюю жалобу штаба Виктора Януковича на бездеятельность ЦИКа в отношении нарушений в процессе переголосования второго тура выборов, передают Українські новини.

    If I’m not badly off (though I probably am), the gist is that ‘the Ukrainian SC excluded/rejected the recent complaint by the staff of Yanukovych something something something about the elections, reports Ukrainian News.’

    Is that about right? If so, then it’s all over bar the shouting, isn’t it? Do you think Yanukovych is going to bow out more or less gracefully now?

  2. I suppose the deal is that Yanukovych is trying to use his power to obstruct to buy immunity for himself and his cronies. Otherwise, its a quick flight to Moscow.

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