Wizbang 2004 Weblog Awards.

I just noticed that afoe has been nominated for the Wizbang 2004 Weblog Awards in the category “Best European (non-UK) Blog”. As usual with blog awards, the opportunity to find great blogs one has not been aware of so far seems more important than winning. But if you, gentle readers, should decide afoe is worth a vote while browsing the other nominations, we certainly won’t mind…

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About Tobias Schwarz

German, turned 30 a while ago, balding slowly, hopefully with grace. A carnival junkie, who, after studies in business and politics in Mannheim, Paris, and London, is currently living in his hometown of Mainz, Germany, again. Became New Labourite during a research job at the House of Commons, but difficult to place in German party-political terms. Liberal in the true sense of the term.

His political writing is mostly on A Fistful of Euros and on facebook these days. Occasional Twitter user and songwriter. His personal blog is almost a diary. Even more links at about.me.

4 thoughts on “Wizbang 2004 Weblog Awards.

  1. Yep, and that in my mind is more a feather in the cap than winning a 2004 Wingnut Award. We never mentioned or bragged about it on the blog, maybe we should have.

  2. Now, come on, what makes you think that I?m unable to appreciate you ? I think that by including good stuff [you] in the selection [I made] sometime in the future winning a Weblog Award should/could be as important as being ?mentioned in the Foreign Policy Magazine?. If you enter the game now that the opportunity is given.
    Anyway, I would like to thank people who nominated you.

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