Winners of the Third Annual Satin Pajama Awards

Here are the winners of the Third Annual Satin Pajama Awards.

Best Writing: Le Blagueur à Paris
Best Weblog from the UK: Johnny Billericay
Best Weblog about Southeastern Europe: Balkan Baby
Best Weblog about the CIS: New Eurasia
Best Expatriate Weblog: Isoglossia
Best Personal Weblog: Petite Anglaise
Best Political Weblog: Slugger O’ Toole
Best Weblog from Germany: Ahoi Polloi
Best Weblog from France: Eolas
Best Culture Weblog: DA…NCE
Best Non-European Weblog: Pharyngula
Best Expert or Scholar Weblog: Real Climate
Best Economics Weblog: New Economist
Best Food Weblog: Chocolate and Zucchini
Most Underappreciated Weblog: Kosmopolit
Best New Weblog: Not Saussure
The 2007 Satin Pajama for Lifetime Achievement: Mick Fealty, founder of Slugger O’Toole.

And finally…

Best European Weblog of 2007: Petite Anglaise

You can still see all the finalists and their share of votes on the poll page. They’re all worth a visit.
I again thank Michael Manske and Clive Matthews for helping out.

Congratulations, everyone!

13 thoughts on “Winners of the Third Annual Satin Pajama Awards

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  5. Golly gosh!!!

    I think that possibly having an overlap of readers with Petite might have helped…

    But that won’t stop me looking smug for a couple of hours.

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