Winners of the 2nd Satin Pajama Awards

Here are the winners of the 2nd Annual European Weblog Awards, also known as the Satin Pajamas:

Most Underappreciated Weblog: Metamorphism by Mig
Best Central European Weblog: All About Latvia by Aleks
Best Expat Weblog: Petite Anglaise by Petite
Best Personal Weblog: Petite Anglaise by Petite
Best French Weblog: Journal d’un avocat by Eolas
Best German Weblog: Atlantic Review by various
Best UK Weblog: A Welsh View by Robert Gale
Best CIS Blog: Neeka’s Backlog by Veronica Khokhlova
Best Southeastern European Blog: Argumente by Dragos Novac
Best Culture Weblog: Amateur d’art by Lunettes Rouges
Best Writing: Bric a blog by the widow Tarquine
Best New Weblog: La Poulette by Poulette
Best Humor Weblog: My Boyfriend Is A Twat by Zoe
Best Non-European Weblog: 3 Quarks Daily by various
Best Expert or Scholar Weblog: Early Modern Notes by Sharon Howard
Best Political Weblog: European Tribune by various
Life Time Achievement Award: Neil Gaiman

and finally (drumroll) …

Best Weblog: Neil Gaiman’s Journal by Neil Gaiman

You can still see all the finalists and their share of votes on the award page. They’re all worth a visit. Last years winners are here.

Congratulations, everyone!

Update (by Tobias) – here’s a little badge for the winning blogs to display their success at the polls. Congrats, you got yourself a Satin Pajama!

Winner 2006 AFOE Satin Pajama

9 thoughts on “Winners of the 2nd Satin Pajama Awards

  1. I’ll bear the list in mind for future upheaval and expansion of my “European” blogroll. There is such a good choice of reading categories! Thank you afoe.

    P.S. My congrats to the winners!

  2. Thanks a million for the nomination! We are very proud to win in our category, especially as we have long been AFoE fans and have been recommending that people read you, for a long time. Among other things, we think that AFoE is the best designed blog in the world. You inspired us to keep our design clean and simple, and you have influenced many others in this as well. Thanks!

  3. Also, thanks for introducing us to so many good blogs we had no idea about, through this contest. That was really the best part of it. Okay, no, winning was!

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  5. Congratulations to all the winners!

    With an ever expanding blogosphere the Pajama list is a good guide to some of the quality material out there … well done!

  6. david, i’ve replied to your comment chez moi in case you’re very upset, which is concerning me greatly. mothers do that, you know – get concerned.

    i’d rather have emailed you but my stalking tactics aren’t that great today.

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