Will the Murdoch Press Crash?

There doesn’t seem to be any limit as to who they spied on. But now that more and more stories are coming out, is there any stopping point? I’ve seen indications that executives could also be liable to US prosecution under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. And of course the parade of arrests under UK law. Is this the end?

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3 thoughts on “Will the Murdoch Press Crash?

  1. No. The number of people arrested will be tiny, and most of the most serious charges will never be prosecuted.

  2. Well, Brooks already admitted paying the police for information, and nothing was done.

    Today a Tory MP was on Radio4, saying “we have requested (brooks and murdoch) to attend a committee meeting on Tuesday, but if we end up looking at two empty chairs then we’ll have to consider other options”. Language that doesn’t exactly scream ‘imminent prosecution’.

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