Why you should never talk to the police

An American defence lawyer explains. Looks like good advice for any situation where the burden of proof is with the state. Turns out it’s especially important not to talk to the police if you’re confident, articulate and credible. The more you say, the more opportunity for things to go wrong.

7 thoughts on “Why you should never talk to the police

  1. While I agree with the general premise, it would be more credible if not coming from a professor at Regent Univ Law School. I think you’ll find that they has significantly less repsect there for the 1st admendment, i.e., the separation of church and state.

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  3. @PDR Vet: I don’t understand how their opinions on the 1st amendment invalidates their knowledge of the 4th.

  4. If you want more credibility, there’s a related video from an police officer and experienced interrogator saying the same thing.

    I’m not sure what you are supposed to do once they start torturing you though.

  5. I feel that I would like to respond to these cmteonms. I was at the Brandon Center in 1989 when this shooting occurred. It was truly an awful experience. Jeanne was a very sweet and generous girl, and it was very sad that her life was taken away from her so coldly and mercilessly. I am a believer in the Lord and I believe in forgiveness, as He has forgiven those who seek Him. If someone has sought forgiveness, they are forgiven by God for the sin and crime of murder. In my personal opinion, however, I don’t believe she can represent a school, and there are still consequences for actions. (Although I don’t fault the school for their philosophy and acceptance, as a matter of principle.) She apparently claimed that she didn’t know what she was doing, and was relieved of paying any debt to society. That aside, I have to say that her attitude towards the cousin of this slain girl is appalling, and shows no repentance whatsoever. A math issue on the number of bullets? Calling her a liar? Maybe it was four bullets that killed Jeanne. This is not the response of a repentant and contrite person, which is necessary for forgiveness. This is not a representative of good character. God rest the soul of a beautiful person.