Who’s Next?

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg resigns as Germany’s defense minister, regrets heeding career advice from Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky

Helen Pidd of the Guardian writes that the now ex-minister was widely tipped as a future chancellor, but I can’t imagine who was doing the tipping. Bavarians don’t get elected chancellor in Germany: a career at the federal level in Berlin (and previously in Bonn ) takes them too far away from the maneuvering needed to put or keep them atop the CSU, while a stint as Minister-President of Bavaria takes them too far away from Germany’s mainstream to get elected chancellor.

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11 thoughts on “Who’s Next?

  1. He wasn’t expected to be elected. He was expected to take over, if too many lost state elections forced Merkel’s resignation.

  2. When’s the last time the loss of too many state elections forced a German chancellor to resign?

  3. The fictitious Lobachevsky, of course. The real Lobachevsky was a fine mathematician, and no plagiarist.

  4. Thanks for the reminder, Molnar; I never thought otherwise about the real one. Now noted in the mouseover to the link.

  5. When’s the last time the loss of too many state elections forced a German chancellor to resign?

    I guess that is rhetorical, but effectively the answer would be 2005 Gerhard Schröder, who instead of simply resigning chose to take his party down with him.

  6. “Bavarians don’t get elected chancellor in Germany”

    What about Ludwig Erhard?
    He was Bavarian and he was chancellor.

  7. Erhard wasn’t a CSU member. And Erhard is the best example that you can get forced out after losing some state elections.

  8. And, of course, there’s the example of Schröder’s opponent in the 2002 general election, Edmund Stoiber, who would have been chancellor if only he had gotten 2 more seats in the Bundestag.

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