Who is the fistful of euros guest blogger ?

Sorry to go public and all, but does anyone know if I am the fistful of euros guest blogger ? The deal was I guest blogged for 2 weeks, that is until March 1, and I got a reminder that I was expiring (I mean just as a guest blogger).

My name is still up over there.

Anyway, anyone interested in my discussion of fermions with people who studied quantum mechanics for over 1 year should go to rjwaldmann.blogspot.com
as the thread is a bit long.

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6 thoughts on “Who is the fistful of euros guest blogger ?

  1. I was serious. I was starting to feel guilty for not posting. Of course a sensible ex blogger would have just e-mailed. but I couldn’t resist.

    Also this gives me a chance to thank you in public. Thanks. I had a great time.

    I guess this housekeeping post and comments might sensibly be deleted (but hey I’m an ex guest blogger who cares what I think).

  2. This is disappointing. I thought you were here for the duration. The problem is your Blog is not open to comments, or so I thought. Hmmm. Well you will be missed. I am much disappointed that AFOE is not more active.

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