We’re Ghana miss you

They clearly deserved a lot better than going down 3-0 today.

Too bad Essien was not on the field : the lack of skilled shooters on Ghana’s part (and an horrendous call by an otherwise pretty good referee) doomed what could have been a tremendous upset.

Here’s hoping Spain or France send this cocky, overrated Brazilian team back home next Saturday.

8 thoughts on “We’re Ghana miss you

  1. You were pessimistic or superstitious.

    I hope a unexpected defeat of Brazil wouldn’t cause new riots in their jails.

    PCC chief Marcos Willians Herbas Camacho, also known as Marcola, had put forward the conditions of the PCC – no police reprisals against gang members and access to hot baths, conjugal visits and TVs to watch the World Cup.

  2. Who’s in the Final Eight? Germany, Brazil, England, France, Argentina…

    Bored now.

    At least in ’02 we had Turkey and South Korea. Even if the final match was utterly predictable, both in participants and outcome.

    Well, I suppose I can keep rooting for Ukraine. But they’re not going all the way in this universe; and as for the rest of them, I can’t get too excited about any of these guys taking it home.

    Doug M.

  3. Good luck to Ghana and all other African teams (my favorite is Cameroon) for qualifying and then winning the 2010 world cup in south africa!

  4. I’d call Portugal a bit of an outsider. Doug’s right, it’s the usual suspects plus Ukraine and maybe Portugal (though those two could theoretically meet in the final), which is a bit of a pity. Plus, the two teams that have been putting on the best shows — Germany and Argentina — meet on Friday.

  5. Well my all sincere wishes are there with Ghana but I still know that till the time Brazil is there in the tournament till that point in time no other country can be hope for World Cup.

  6. Did someone say “World Cup?”

    A Brazil/Germany matchup in the final is a safe bet, of course. Brazil hasn’t looked sharp (much less unbeatable) yet, while Germany played two of the most exciting matches of the Cup. A boring pick, perhaps, but exciting soccer.

    Smart money’s on Ghana and the Czechs advancing out of Group E and the Oilers lifting the cup in that other sport.

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