Wehrkunde guest list bingo

It’s Wehrkunde time! The annual festival of military-industrial thinkery, held in Munich for NATO bigwigs of all kinds, is coming around again. Laura Rozen notes that a surprising number of John McCain’s campaign foreign-policy team are coming in the US delegation; that would be the team that included some of the least diplomatic people in the history of diplomacy. There’s Scheunemann, a Kagan or two, and Ross Douthat. Fortunately, there are also quite a lot of sane people; apparently the final list will be considerably less heavy on the kool-aid.

Does this imply that they’re regaining influence? I doubt it; whatever the talk about a “reset” of transatlantic politics, this just looks like it’s not very high priority. Shindiggery is one way of managing troublesome senators, after all. And Europe isn’t really a problem; even the spike in tension with Russia has eased off. Not only has the first NATO-Russia meeting since Georgia gone off well, it even came up with something constructive.

However, some Europeans have succeeded in getting the Americans’ attention, between some rather enterprising protestors and some rather impressively hopeless Belgian security guards. (It took them 40 minutes to respond to a report of people hanging around the nuclear bombs, after they left the gate open to stop it freezing shut.)

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