We Read Business Week, So You Don’t Have To

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Italy’s Coming Credit Crunch

Sounds a lot like what Edward’s been describing. Glad BW agrees.

China is the Talk of Davos

If Europe can’t manage domestically driven growth, maybe China will. Or will American demand have to drive the world economy forever?

Have a look at the inside.

A Global Demographic Time Bomb

“A shocking report released at the World Economic Forum lays out how aging and falling populations could slam world growth”

Europe’s Hidden Champions

Apparently there’s still life on the Old Continent.

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3 thoughts on “We Read Business Week, So You Don’t Have To

  1. There’s an odd symmetry between a firm like the one described in the credit crunch article and the “hidden champs” – medium sized, quality led, often privately held and something to do with engineering. Trades world-wide despite a small base? Check. Hence the problem of the rising euro against the currencies their export sales are paid for in. Potential financial problem due to a small asset base? Check.. What It All Means is that as before, the Mittelstand is the driver of European industry, but that this requires certain safeguards – the Rhineland model exists for a reason.

  2. Thanks for the plug Doug.

    Actually I would identify with the first three links as being in one way or another dear to my heart.

  3. Alex,

    so Basel II amounts to a theory-laden, anglo-saxon inspired, “conspiracy” to keep continental Europe’s “hidden champions” in check?

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