We are walking along the same road. I’m not trying to follow you

Tim Geithner joins the coalition of the painfully unserious. No Davos for you, Tim!

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Alex Harrowell is a research analyst for a really large consulting firm on AI and semiconductors. His age is immaterial, especially as he can't be bothered to update this bio regularly. He's from Yorkshire, now an economic migrant in London. His specialist subjects are military history, Germany, the telecommunications industry, and networks of all kinds. He would like to point out that it's nothing personal. Writes the Yorkshire Ranter.

2 thoughts on “We are walking along the same road. I’m not trying to follow you

  1. Such great wit; how it thrills me to be part of such an elite group as to dimly comprehend its magnificence.
    But my philistine colleagues look at me with their WTF? frowns, and I am at terrible pains for a concise yet suitably educational rejoinder. Any suggestions concerning this conundrum, if you could trouble yourself so?

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