Warten aufs Christkind.

While we are waiting, why not have a look at some quotes from the WorldPressReview about the world’s fears regarding an American election disaster. Robert Leicht said in Die Zeit –

“Let there be no misunderstanding: America is truly a free country and, for Germany in particular, a role model of democracy. … For that very reason, it is all the more grotesque that the ground rules of democracy in the ‘mother of all democracies’ can not be convincingly enforced but, rather, are sinking beneath an embarrassing debacle.”

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6 thoughts on “Warten aufs Christkind.

  1. Well, now that I read all those comments I find myself hoping that maybe it would be fun to have the legal battles stretch out, just to see how the entire world squirms at not knowing who’s going to be in charge.

    It really does reinforce the notion that America is a loose cannon that shouldn’t be messed with.

    In the end, it is better for America to be feared, rather than loved, because being loved simply wouldn’t matter.

  2. Well, RSN, there’s fear, and then there’s fear.

    There’s something to what you say, if you mean America should try to be feared the way one would fear Ahnold in Commando: a nice, decent guy, but if you attack him he’ll hit back hard. I don’t think, though, that America should aim to be feared as one would fear Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. You might feel differently, of course.

    I think you’ll find, too, that’s there some value in being loved.

  3. Expanding on Mrs Tilton’s point, the last two countries to be feared in the Joe Pesci sense were the USSR during the Cold War and Germany during WW2. In both cases, they causes a coalition to build against them, and eventually were defeated.

    In the USA went really scary, expect a coalition including Europe, Russia, China and Japan to form against it. This would have many times America’s population, and about twice its GDP.

  4. Yada yada, Phil Hunt. China and Japan as allies? Have you really kept track of the recent geopolitics of that part of the world? The competition for oil access between them? And Europe will have lots more to worry in Russia, as EU investments in Russian industries get “nationalized” by Putin’s cronies, while Russia’s tactics in Chechnya come in direct conflict – or is that support??? – of EU policies in Muslim parts of Europe.

    In either case, America will always prevail, simply because America promises dreams, while Europe promises reality. And everyone in the wider, non-Western world will always want to escape reality.

    By the way, on election night here in New York, I’m taking a break from the MSM drama by watching an election-night debate on Charlie Rose on PBS, and the main guest happens to be no other than the venerable Henry Kissinger. Charlie Rose chose as Kissinger’s counterpoint the formidable former (Dem.) Senator Sam Nunn.

    Too many points to compact into a small blog entry here, but what sticks in my mind is this: both Kissinger and Nunn agree that the Transatlantic Alliance has become a relic, and what matters is America’s role in a Trans-Pacific Alliance.

  5. RSN,

    >In either case, America will always prevail, >simply because America promises dreams, while >Europe promises reality. And everyone in the >wider, non-Western world will always want to >escape reality.


    Frankly, there are two Asian countries that have at least a certain potential to rival the US (and not simply in electronic voting, as India apparently did) in the long run. America is predominantly looking across the pacific because of future competition, and not predominantly because of future alliances (notwithstanding ad-hoc cooperation with respect to, say, the Caspian area).

    I don’t think the Atlantic Alliance is doomed. But it will need a little more attention from both sides…

  6. Not doomed, just relegated to irrelevancy.

    12:37am New York time. Using these new fangled internet election maps, it looks like the good citizens of Oh-H-ten are destined to decide who will be the “leader of the free world”, as Florida now seems decided.

    Ah, the justice of it all. The most average of all states gets to decide.

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