Votes? We’ve got your votes right here!

If you haven’t yet noticed, voting has now opened for the first AFOE European Weblog Awards, so you can now get voting.

And in other awards news, we’ve been nominated for Best Group Weblog in the 2005 Bloggies, so if you’re not completely tired of voting for stuff then please consider voting for us in that.

11 thoughts on “Votes? We’ve got your votes right here!

  1. The poll page looks really cool. I especially like the little coloured bar next to Siberian Light’s entry!

    I’d quite like to put a link to the poll in the top corner of my blog – if this technodunce can figure out how to do it. Is it ok to use the picture you have on afoe?

    Oh, and how long does the voting go on for?

  2. Looks like the Bloggies weren’t too well thought out – bandwidth exceeded already… You’d think they might have twigged that would get a lot of linkage.


  3. Well, htanks for the nomination, and fot the contest, which allows to discover some very interesting blogs.
    How long are the polls going to be open ? A proper vote needs clear rules set out from the beginning.

  4. I was disappointed that with so many European blogs out there you have many of the same blogs on many lists. Surely you could have tried a little harder. I will enjoy reading the blogs you have listed. Next time please broaden your horizens.

  5. This bloggies business is turning out to be rather tedious isn’t it? I had a number of visitors from the site when it was up briefly on Monday evening, none at all since…

    But I did manage to vote for you on Monday, fear not.

  6. Shame the nominations closed before the blog got properly going. It’s a bit special interest, but worth watching if you’re taking an interest in development/Africa, etc.

    Jane Perone at The Guardian has it as featured blog today.

  7. Would I be right in thinking that the award for Blog Most Deserving of Wider Recognition will go to the blog with the least votes?

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