Video break

Okay, someweird stuff has come out of Russia. Weird stuff comes out of everywhere, no biggy.

But this is… really weird.

If any Russian readers can give some context to this, I’d be fascinated.

5 thoughts on “Video break

  1. Apparently Stern directed the video, but the band (though singing in English) is Russian.

    Just an isolated weird metal thing?

    Doug M.

  2. If I understand the Russians right, the video would be regarded as extremely “neculturny” … their reactions on youtube were quite elocvent: гавно …

    The band sings in English, but tries really hard to use the “Hollywood” Russian accent.

    I would not read much into the video. I think it’s just a parody: Western stereotypes etc.

    As for the strip: if it does not have a following, it means nothing … maybe the guy is looking for a job and found the best way to advertise.

    If you’re looking for ‘reasons to be concerned about recent evolutions in Russia’, the very popular Brat (Brother) series (two films until now) would be a good example. A lot of anger and resentment expressed there. Some of it might be even justified.

  3. Um… no, I’m not looking for “reasons to be concerned”. (Does one need to go looking?) I’m just wondering if the video is a totally irrelevant farce, or what.

    Doug M.

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