velvet revolution now officially over


The Czech Repblic has also warned against speaking out in favour of human rights in Libya.

Czech foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg said the EU should not "get involved too much" and that high-minded EU appeals would only serve to "prove our own importance".

"If Gaddafi falls, then there will be bigger catastrophes in the world," he told journalists in the EU capital on Sunday. "It's no use for anyone if we intervene there loudly, just to prove our own importance."

And Gustav Husak lies gobsmacked in his grave.

3 thoughts on “velvet revolution now officially over

  1. It was a mistranslation, could you update the post, please? He actually said something like “If Gaddafi falls – well worse catastrophies happen in the world”, half-jokingly. Czech source:

    And the Czech PM said today: “The bloodshed committed on the civil population is an unprecedented breach of human rights and has no place in the civilized world. We are shaken by the brutality of Libya regime´s reaction to civic demonstrations. The Czech Republic calls for an immediate end of the violence.” –, my rough translation.

    It was unprofessional to let the news spread with no official denial for hours though.

  2. I hope the Lybian people hang their psycopath leader by the balls.
    European leaders will accomodate and do business with any criminal willing to bribe them, let them use their private jet for family vacation, give free jewllery and diamonds, etc etc. Europeans are such cheapskates.
    The only hope for the humanity in those troubled times is that the US remains a strong democracy.

  3. Casanova is quite right. US leaders are not cheapskates – you have to hand over serious assets (oil in this case) to buy them. The US, after all, has the best government that money can buy.

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