Unintended Consequences

We can all probably agree that Italy’s fit of xenophobia towards Romanians is pretty bad, but it has had one positive consequence; ITS, the extreme-right/nationalist grouping in the European Parliament whose membership can be summed up as “if you want to make some minority unwelcome and you’re in the minority yourself, you’re welcome here”, has fallen apart after the Great Romania Party, one of its less hopelessly unsuccessful members, unsurprisingly walked out.

I say unsurprisingly because the leader of Italy’s “post-fascists”, Giancarlo Fini, has been going around calling his Romanian allies in ITS “animals”. There was always something fundamentally absurd about a group of parties dedicated to lionising their own nations and decrying others trying to cooperate internationally; it was just a matter of time.

5 thoughts on “Unintended Consequences

  1. Farcical Fascist stupidity apart, I hate to have to say this but ….

    Polls indicate that there is already more prejudice against Gypsies in Western Europe than against any other ethnic group.

    Western Europeans are now going to learn all about Bulgaria and Romania’s gigantic Roma communities. Eventually, the news reports will start being less mealy-mouthed about why criminality is an issue associated disproportionately with immigrants from these countries – much to the distress of Bulgarians and Romanians in general.

    Haunted as we are by the Nazi past, we cannot bring ourselves to admit that the prejudice we Gadjos feel towards the Roma is not the only issue. The predatory stance and resistance to integration and schooling of so many of the Fourth-Nailers are also relevant.

    All the EU material on the subject is framed in terms of anti-discrimination. When our policeman start becoming individually reluctant to enforce the law for fear that their children will be specifically targeted in retaliation if they do so, we’ll begin to understand that the issue is more complex and cannot be reduced to blaming those nasty illiberal East Europeans for their unenlightened attitudes.

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  3. When Brice Hortefeux (French minister for immigration and national identity) said that he was slightly pissed off by the fact that Bulgaria joined the EU because expelled Bulgarians will not count in his anti-immigration statistics anymore (Le Monde, 21 August 2007), nobody bothered that much.

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