Uncool runnings

It’s a highly unlikely result, I’d think. And it’s one nobody had talked about before tonight. But I think I ought to mention it here, if only because its name is so cute.

As you know, in an important way both the biggest two German parties lost tonight. Neither can, even with the help of its expected ally from among the smaller parties, offer a majority. So the talk now is of something unnatural. If not a grand coalition (Black/Red), then perhaps the ‘traffic light’ (Red/Yellow/Green).

Or (unlikeliest of all) Black/Yellow/Green. Long odds to be sure, but worth talking about if only because of the name this constellation has been given: the ‘Jamaica coalition’.

Will Germany look like this?

2 thoughts on “Uncool runnings

  1. Well, Westerwelle was very close to calling Schröder an asshole this evening. The opposite even if attempted would probably die in negotiation. So I guess we can rule out both.

    The problem with a grand coalition is that the CDU will not yield unless contrary to the preliminary result their majority is still lost. Any speculation in that regard are plainly unrealistic. So we have no coaltion. It would require the SPD to perform the political equivalent of regicide next week.

    That means that both candidates might actually go and meet the new parliament without a coalition agreement. If that happens all bets are off. 2005 might share the fate of 1924.

  2. The only reason to wish smaller parties like the NPD had done better yesterday is that then we would have even more fun describing possible awkward coalitions. By the way, is lavender (or pink) now the universally designated color for Linkspartei?

    CDU/NPD: Doberman (black-brown)
    Links/Gruenen: Lex Luthor (check out his outfits from the 60s and 70s)
    The mind reels…