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One thing Victor Katolyk has said in his reports from Kiev that I’ve heard echoed elsewhere is that there have been protests – mainly by the Ukrainian diaspora – at Ukrainian embassies and consulates around the world. So, I wanted to ask the readers of AFOE to participate in a bit of interactive newsgathering. Here’s a list of Ukrainian embassies worldwide and I’d like to ask those of you who live in or near to capital cities to let us and the world know of any protests or demonstrations that have happened or are going on there either today or tomorrow. I’ll do my best to collate the information and link to anyone who has reports, so spread the word and we’ll see what we can achieve!

Update: Before I go to bed, here’s what we have already – and thanks to everyone for their help so far!

Several hundred march in Warsaw (link in Polish), several demonstrations for tomorrow listed on Maidan, including The Hague, Buffalo, NY and several other locations across the US and Canada. Yushchenko’s website reports on protest in Rome and rally in London. Viktor also passes on reports of a demonstration planned in Paris tomorrow.

Wednesday morning update: There are details of protests today in New York and Washington in the comments. Maidan are publicising protests, rallies and demonstrations all over the world. They also report that 5000 people gathered in Toronto and that there are continuing protests in Rome. Brama have pictures of a protest in New York including a rally outside the UN building. This Is London reports on 1500 people protesting outside the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK.

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  1. Good work. Blogger’s gone completely tits up now, so I don’t know when I can next get an update. Have you heard any confirmation about Viktor’s last post? – “According to radio news (Radio Era), the Ukrainian police that surrounds the Presidential Administration has told the demonstrators that the building is full of Russian Spetsnaz who are dressed into ukrainian uniform and were ordered to kill demonstrators if they enter the bulding.”

  2. The URL above points to Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza. Several hundred Poles along with very high-profile politicians formed a line in orange from the Polish Interior Ministry to the Ukrainian Embassy.

  3. Thanks for keeping us all informed.

    When all this is over maybe a good picture of the masses in Kiev would make a nice addition to the excellent collection of European scenes you use for the big AFOE banner.

  4. Check this site: www(dot)brama(dot)com(backslash)news (far right hand column) for information on several planned protests.

  5. I won’t be able to check on protests myself, but I intend to go out and get some orange shirts to wear in solidarity.

  6. Please see the The Front virtual page containes live updates from former Colorado Congressman Bob Shaffer.

  7. More Protest info:

    Tuesday, Nov. 23th, 10am, NYC
    What: Protest/demonstration at 2 consulates and UN
    Where: Ukrainian Consulate (240 East 49th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues) at 10am followed by a “Putin & Russia Keep Your Hands Off Ukraine Rally” in front of the Russian Mission (136 East 67th Street and/or the Russian Consulate at 9 East 91st Street).

    Wednesday, Nov. 24th, 1:30pm ? Washington, DC
    What: protest rally
    Where: Embassy of Ukraine (3350 M st, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20007 (in Georgetown) then moving to Capitol Hill

    Also there was one in Chicago today….

  8. NOS Teletekst reports that 30 Dutch Ukrainians have been protesting in front of the Ukrainian embassy in The Hague. Some reportedly carried signs saying “Hands off, Putin!”.

    According to the same report Schr?der is convinced that there has been ‘mass polling fraud’ and Putin told the West ‘not to meddle with Ukraine’.

    Link (temporary):

  9. Sorry to be persistent – however, pass the word everywhere and any way you can – Orange for Ukraine and Democracy – Wear orange on Monday, November 29

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