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Well Yanukovich has finally been declared the winner. Since someone else is undoubtedly about to post about this I’ll leave it at that. But while we all wait to see what happens next, can I recommend a viewing of the reuters photoslides. I think in many ways these photographs tell a story of their own.

Clearly the scenography of snow and orange lend the images a very special quality, that and the sombre uniforms of the special police, with all those young eyes peering out through the gap beneath the visor. The images of young girls offering them flowers are also reminiscent of earlier epochs – like Prague 68.

These images as also historic. In some ways we are probably approaching the end of something (whatever happens next). I doubt we will see too many more scenes like this on European soil at least. It seems as if a process set off by another group of silent protesters in another city in another country some 15 years ago may now be about to enter its final stages.

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