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This video is a satire — I want to emphasize this: a satire — done by the great American comic newspaper, The Onion. (The first 15 seconds is an ad. Sorry, that’s how they pay for this stuff.)

This video is an actual commercial that played on Greek televsion recently. (Scroll down for the English translation if you don’t speak Greek.) By pure random accident, I just happened to see them both on the same day.

And that’s all.

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8 thoughts on “Two random videos

  1. I think I can top that: the infamous 1994 “Final Solution” ad for Asia TV, which appeared (on Remembrance Sunday!) in Hong Kong.

    “With 90% of Europe under his control, he still lost the war,” the ad copy reads. “Thank goodness he couldn’t advertise on ATV. With our station share, he would have been assured of total domination.

    “Our reach in Greater China… would have them ‘sieg heiling’ from Shanghai to Guangzhou,” the ad said. It ended with a play on words of the onetime German leader’s final solution to annihilate Jews: “Before you come up with your final solution, call your advertising agency or ATV.”

  2. ajay the second one D.Muir posted isn’t some kind of sick joke like the asian one. 🙂

    It is an actual commercial where the intelligent but poor Greek is not fooled by the loan-shark Jew. And it is based on established stereotypes which, due to the economic crisis, have led to rumors like the ones that the Greek Jews do not pay taxes etc

    Look at this Google-translated page by the Central Jewish Board of Greece Press Release that stresses that we do pay taxes ->

  3. Hi there.

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  4. So, what’s the point? One company posts an idiotic commercial. Which while incredibly stupid is not illegal(or is defensible in court “we did not mean to stereotype or offend….”). Hollywood does it all the time where the bad guys are of a certain range of nationalities(greek included). There is no law against stupidity.

  5. I’m afraid the point is to look at Mr. Muir’s history of selective posting with regards to Greece. There you will see the point.

    This post is worth no other comment IMO.

  6. abravanel, that’s a fairly startling link… interesting though.

    (By the way, maybe I’ve misunderstood you, but that article’s no joke: the ad actually appeared in the South China Morning Post. I remember seeing it…)

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