Twins Zapped?

Jean Quatremer claims that the exit polls are showing the Civic Forum 10 points ahead of the Kaczynski Kidz; which could mean a knockout win.

More, as they say, as we get it.

Update, 2351GMT: Hell yeah. Jaroslaw Kaczynski has admitted defeat; Civic Forum coming in with a wet sail. As mentioned in comments, an unexpectedly large turnout…

The other day, Russian football fans drove round the streets where I live flying flags and hooting horns after they beat England in the European Championship qualifiers, in the Italian fashion that has become a European standard; but no Poles tonight. Perhaps they really did go back to vote?

5 thoughts on “Twins Zapped?

  1. The BBC report says that polling stations are staying open late because of higher than expected turnout (and running out of ballot papers in some areas!). IIRC, it was expected that a high turnout would benefit Civic Platform, so that sounds plausible.

  2. Will the civic platform drop the plan of estab lishing an anti-missile base in Poland ? That would lower the tensions with Russia at no cost to the EU since that plan was hogwash anyhow

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