Twice Bitten Thrice Shy?

It will probably still take some time until another EU referendum will be held in Norway, given the country’s history of rejecting membership in 1972 as well as in 1994. But a new opinion poll suggests that Norwegian membership-proponents have all reason to smile these days. The “yes”-camp is growing as previously undecided voters seem to join in larger numbers – possibly, as Nick and others already suggested, as a consequence of President Bush’s reelection (via EUbusiness/AFP)

Norwegian supporters of European Union membership now outnumber opponents by a wide margin, 10 years after voters said “no” to joining the bloc in a referendum, a poll published in daily Aftenposten on Monday showed.

According to the survey, conducted by the Opinion institute of 1,000 people between November 8-10, 48 percent of Norwegians are in favour of joining the EU, 38 percent are opposed and 13 percent remain undecided.

4 thoughts on “Twice Bitten Thrice Shy?

  1. Not much of a consolation prize, kautilya. A major reason Norway stayed out was they could wield influence through the atlantic alliance instead of the EU; it tells the sorry state it’s in if they were to join because of that.

  2. id cautiously welcome that. however i am a raging cynic and cant accept the validity of any polls bar the real election 🙂

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