Tory phone box posters

I found these when googling for information about the “strong families, strong society” poster of which there is an instance in our neighbourhood, which itself is part of an ultra-marginal. I have no idea what the Tories intend with this stuff. It looks as though Dave / George tossed around some ideas for slogans at a power breakfast and some budget got allocated in a strategy conference call. Then a Saatchi exec briefed a creative team before popping out for a lunch lasting the rest of the week. Finally, a graphic designer got to implement some favourites from a book of classic mid-20th century political two colour lithographs. There wasn’t any review prior to final sign-off. Just look at that schedule, man. I’ve got literally less than three minutes. Two minutes. Thirty seconds.

The ‘strong families’ one is accidentally ironic, since the sampler design recalls the pre-suffrage era: women teaching their daughters how to sew, etc. This cannot possibly be what the Tories consciously mean. Whatever, I can’t see how it’s going to get traction; not in in this part of Wandsworth at any rate. On one side of the road you’ve got your Montevetro building (£2,500 pw) and the heliport; on the other, you’ve got a council estate. The concept of ‘home-maker’ just has no targets in range.

And why phone boxes? I see a phone box and I think: there’s a functionally superseded structure with an enclosing plane removed. A Battersea power station in miniature, even. Or I think: there’s a potential / actual tramp toilet, depending on whether or not stool is visible. Is it meant to be street, or guerrilla, or something like that?

Update: Phil Edwards sees a common ideological source for some of the Tory phone box posters: the Chestertonian distributivism of Philip Blond. Maybe so. But take “big government=big problems”. It’s pretty empty; you can imagine many sources for it. It could be straight up Randian, for instance. I’d still put this lot down to some sort of ‘brain-dump’ session; the total product of which will have included a fair few aborted and abandoned word strings. These are the good ones.

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