Tories’ marriage policy

Well if this is right, and it is the Telegraph, the policy is as expected, it’s not a support to marriage but a subsidy to not working. And it will be paid for by a tax on successful banks. What’s not to like?

I’d say Lord Carey has been duped.

Last night, Lord Carey of Clifton, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, said: “The recognition of marriage in the tax system is a long overdue restatement of the centrality of this institution to the common good of our society.

But that describes his entire life. A subsidy to marriage would be – e.g. – a £200 cash payment to married couples. This simply penalises the hard working couples.

2 thoughts on “Tories’ marriage policy

  1. Matthew,

    Come on, be honest. It’s not a cash payment, it’s a tax break. A subsidy to not working? Since when is a tax break related to unemployment?

  2. It’s not a recognition of marriage. Say you raise the personal allowance of any married person by £1,000/year. That would be a recognition of marriage. This is a recognition of couples where one can stay at home.

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