Tony in Trouble.

Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, chatted live on a mobile chat with O2 subscribers today. I don’t know if the questions were sent in in text message lingo, but the transcript is remarkably legible. As asking complicated questions via a mobile handset is, well, complicated, the questions – and answers – are also remarkably concise.

I suppose one of them is gonna cause some trouble at Number 10 tonight…

Voodoo> Would you trust your wife to run the country?

PM> Well fortunately that’s not a question that’s arising!

1 thought on “Tony in Trouble.

  1. Zero political information …
    But a dash of intrusiveness …

    …then again, if one can “rip” a George Bush, for example, why would that same “one” even CARE about the trivial doings of the famous .. they generally are quite ordinary beings, at best ….

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