There’s something about Laetitia

I’ve noticed that, after the front page, the consistently most hit posting on AFOE is this one. Somehow, I doubt that my shining prose is the reason.

Also, we get quite a lot of traffic from people looking for sexy weman. Well, this is certainly the right place. :^)

What lessons should we be taking from this? Do we need more T&A at AFOE?

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Scott is a US-raised Canadian living in Brussels with his American wife. His political background is well to the left of centre, even for Europe, and is very interested in immigration, cultural integration and language policy issues. He is presently working against a deadline on his doctorate in computational linguistics and is on hiatus. Wrote Pedantry, also on hiatus.

6 thoughts on “There’s something about Laetitia

  1. Yes, David commented on my site, and now I too have quite a few hits for weman doing shocking things. I wonder what these terrible spellers, having landed on a blog such as this, end up reading the posts…

  2. I’m planning to use Laetitia in a PowerPoint presentation on tax and regulatory reform.

    BTW, did you know that they fired her? It wasn’t given much fanfare, at all. But in October 2003, the French chose a new Marianne: a 38 year old talk show host.

    I love the fact that Marianne is now, as the French say, un femme d’une age certaine. As someone who’s married to such a femme, and who thinks she’s getting better with age, I think that’s just great.

    Note, though, that they carefully chose someone with a well-established career that could not possibly be picked up and moved to — say — England.

    Doug M.

  3. Evelyne Thomas is not the “official” Marianne. That’s still Laetitia Casta. Casta was elected by the Association des Maires de France in a special election to commemorate the Millenium. Before that, the President got to choose whoever he thought had the nicest pair.

    Thomas was elected by an organisation with no formal relationship to the state, the AMF, or to ?lys?e.

  4. Hmm. Are you sure?

    One of the articles I read said that from now on Thomas would be the model for all depictions of Marianne. That sounded like the real deal to me.

    This being France, I find it hard to believe that there isn’t a formal, offical answer to this question, so a cite would be nice. (I can read French, albeit slowly.)


    Doug M.

  5. Doug – Try this article.

    I’ll translate for you.

    The star talkshow host of France 3 and RMC Info has been chosen to incarnate Marianne for the next four years.

    As tradition requires, Evelyne Thomas was elected by a group of [French] mayors (350 out of 36,000) who belong to the “Marianne d’Or” committee. According to the organiser, the host of C’est mon choix and On l’a vu ? la t?l?, who is also the mother of a daugheter named Lola, was unanimously elected for her “republican qualities”, her “personality” and her “dynamic quality.”

    [As opposed to her ta-tas.]

    However, by becoming the new Marianne, Evelyne Thomas does not entirely succeed Laetitia Casta, because the Corisican was elected by the Association of French Mayors (AMF) specifically to celebrate the year 2000. The Marianne d’Or committee is totally independent of the AMF which says that it generally has nothing to do with the choice of Marianne, which remains the choice of each municipal council.

    At any rate, Evelyne Thomas was prefered to Sophie Marceau or to Carla Bruni and has agreed to pose for a sculpter with the intent that her bust should be on the market by the niddle of November.

  6. One of the most consistently popular Google searches to bring people to EURSOC is ‘naked Germans’.

    Please note that we do not feature nude Germans on our site, except where the story demands it. And even then it is done tastefully and artistically.

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